Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The hue and cry of TMC  supremo Mamata Banerjee swings a big percentage of minority group to L.F. It is also true that , you cannot befool all  for all time. The ceaseless lying of M.Banerjee lost her acceptability to the students, intellectuals and middleclass people. Her destructive footsteps in Singur annoyed the literate fermars who wanted to promote themselves from peasants to industrial workers.Everywhere a negative image is build up on the part of TMC. I think, it will make an effect on the ensuing election in W.Bengal.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The date of West Bengal Assembly election declared. This election has a great impact. Oflate world politics is facing a problem of leadership. In West Bengal the proletariat movement agaisnst establishment is manifested under the leadership of a typical & pecant group of rebels in the name of Maoist and supported by an unregimrnte and recalcitrant rootless party. Presently it noticed that the public openion is guided by media. The most powerful electronic and print media in West Bengal blindly supporting the  mass killing party and named it  revolution. The meddle class sentiment do not bother  price - rise more than lack of security.Hence the million doller question is that are we ready to vest the responsibility of West Bengal to a change maniac party who have no agenda ?